Saturday, May 14, 2011


That is one of the most dreaded words used in this area.  The SE Arizona desert is an accident waiting to burn until the monsoon season starts in July.  We are already over 20% below our normal rainfall. 

7710 - Wildfire in Chiricahua Mtns
This picture is from the Sulphur Springs Valley in Elfrida, AZ looking at the Chiricauchua Mountains (close to Portal, AZ)  where the Horseshoe #2 fire has been burning since last Sunday.  Winds (with gusts up to 50 mph) have been helping the fire.  Only in the last couple of days has the weather been more cooperative for the firefighters allowing the tankers to drop retardant trying to knock the fire down.
It takes a special kind of firefighter to go up into the very rough terrain and fight a fire, one tree at a time.


UPDATE 05/29/2011:  The fire is still raging and has consumed over 60,000 acres.  



  1. Ray - didn't know about that fire. Of course, we're in Nevada now, and haven't watched much news. Thanks for the update!

  2. After seeing your picture I now have a concept of where that fire is & was located. I haven't heard any more about the fire for nearly a week now...........